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picture by: Carol Delagnelo

Flow Arts was created to inspire creativity and bring people together, creating long last bonds.


Everyone is able to express themselves through visual arts. Using simple and open instructions, we walk you through the process of creating something unique and personal. 


Each participant will walk away with their own 100% unique piece of art inspired by our various styles and their own internal passions and creativity. 



Meet the Artist: Ana Jacobsen

My passion for art and teaching started from a young age. I was always creating art, and, as a teenager, began teaching English classes in my hometown in the south of Brazil.

Creating Flow Arts was a great way to unite my two passions: art and teaching. I feel honored to have the opportunity to bring art to so many people.


I've now taught thousands of students in person in the Bay Area and virtually to countries all over the world. 

I am of the belief that everybody has an artist inside of them, and love creating an environment that lets people feel comfortable and gives them the guidance to express themselves.


picture by: Carol Delagnelo