We're offering public virtual painting sessions!


Flow Arts is launching virtual painting sessions with live video, as a creative outlet for you and your family while everyone is hunkered down at home.

How do they work?:

1- Choose the date/painting below

2- Buy your ticket. You will have two ticket options:

     - Ticket only - if you'd like to supply your own painting materials (click here to see what you will need).

     - Ticket + shipping of supplies - if you'd like us to ship you the painting materials.


3- Receive your art supplies in the mail or use the materials that you already have at home. Here's a list of supplies we will need


4- Enjoy our painting session from the comfort of your home, connecting to the link to the live video!


*Contact us for information on Virtual Private Events for your team or your family!

May 1st

6 pm to 8 pm (PT)

Abstract Portrait



May 21st

5pm to 7pm (PT)

Portal to Paradise



June 4th

6pm to 8pm (PT)

Abstract Elephant




Tel: 510-880-9855

IG: @flowartsparty

San Francisco, CA

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